About Us

ELCI Electronic Air Condition Industry And Trade Limited Company was founded in 2003 and has become the leader in the production of Air Conditioning Service Stations in a short time.

Since its foundation, Elci had contributed to continuous development with production according to Turkish Standards and European norms. We are awarded ISO 9001:2015 that has the validity all around the world and CE certificate that satisfies all quality and safety requirements necessary for European Union (EU) countries.

Our customer-oriented management system and continuous research and development activities enable us to offer the best price to meet the expectations of the customers at the highest level, without compromising the quality. From design to after sales in every stage of production, we are contributed to Total Quality Management System.

The first full automatic recharge station in Turkey was developed and produced by Elci in 2003 with a great success. And in 2013 another milestone in the company’s history, is the design and production of the first recharge station operating by a tablet via Bluetooth technology. From the beginning, our experienced team dedicated to follow the technological developments to produce more user friendly products for a more environmentally friendly world.

Innovative solutions for automotive air conditioning systems

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