RTC-2 Radiator Flush Machine





Service Without Removing the Dashboard



In course of time, a cooling system may lose the efficiency due to the rust deposits, dirt, grease, scale, grime & solder in the system. Radiator core clogging is a common problem for older vehicles. The cooling system efficiency can be reduced drastically to restrict the cooling flow. Reduced heat transfer can lead to possible overheating of the system and cause a costly repair. RTC-2 is designed to repair and increase the performance of the radiator system in the vehicles. There is no need to remove the dashboard. The operator can easily make the connection with two hoses then the microprocessor automatically handles operations without user interference.



  • No need to remove the dashboard, saves time
  • Connects practically with two hoses
  • Heats faster with special high pressure tank thus causing lower energy consumption
  • Helps regaining heating-cooling power for all kinds of vehicles

Main Features

  • Flushes water circulation parts for heating or cooling including radiator, heater cores, engine block, coolant channels
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • LCD display
  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • LPG vaporiser regulator
  • Automatic gearbox oil heating – cooling system
  • Water-cooled intercooler radiator
  • Continuous tracking of flush duration
  • Detecting and monitoring the clogged radiator via pressure gauge
  • Can switch water rotation by using valves
  • Filters out dirt, rust, etc. particles
  • Adjustable flush duration
  • Electronic filter life monitoring and warning
  • Pump maintenance warning
  • Monitors number of flushed cars
  • Automatic program ending
  • Low water level warning
  • Automatic full tank warning
  • Automatic heating system

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions
  • Display
  • Heater
  • Power Supply
  • Storage Tank Capacity
  • Water Pump
  • Weight
  • 60 cm x 105 cm x 48 cm
  • 4×20 character LCD display
  • 2000 W
  • 220 V ± 10% / 50 Hz
  • 15 L
  • 35 L/min
  • 40 kg

Optional Features

  • Hose Length
  • Vacuum Pump
  • 250 cm | 300 cm
  • 6 m³/h

User’s Manual




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